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Do you know more details about friction material?

Writer: Admin Time:2023-07-26 Browse:1343℃

Friction material is a kind of component material used in power machinery to perform braking and transmission functions by friction.

It mainly includes brake lining (brake pad,brake shoe) and clutch facing (clutch disc). The brake disc is used for braking, and the clutch disc is used for transmission. Any mechanical equipment and all kinds of vehicles must be equipped with brake or transmission device.

Friction material is the key part of the brake or transmission device. Its main function is to absorb or transmit power through friction. If clutch plates transmit power, the brake pad absorbs kinetic energy. They enable mechanical equipment and all kinds of motor vehicles to work safely and reliably. Therefore, friction material is a widely used and necessary material.

The friction material belongs to the polymer three element composite material, it includes three parts: (1) polymer compounds are used as binder. (2) inorganic or organic fibers are used as reinforcing components. (3) filler is used as a friction modifier or additive.

Friction material is a polymer three element composite material, which is a physical and chemical complex. It is composed of polymer binder (resin and rubber), reinforcing fiber and friction property regulator and other compounding agent, and is manufactured by a series of production and processing.

Friction material is characterized by good friction coefficient and wear resistance, at the same time has a certain degree of heat resistance and mechanical strength, can meet the vehicle or mechanical transmission and braking performance requirements. They are widely used in various engineering machinery and equipment such as automobiles, trains, planes, oil rigs and so on. Civilian products such as bicycles and washing machines are indispensable materials for power transmission or braking deceleration.

Friction material is used in many sports machinery and equipment in the transmission, braking, deceleration, steering, parking and other functions of accessories. According to the function and installation parts, it is mainly divided into brake lining and clutch facing. Friction materials are the key safety parts in the automobile industry. The starting, braking and parking of automobiles are inseparable from friction materials. The quality and quality of friction materials are directly related to the safety of people’s lives and property, and their functional status is self-evident.

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