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What are the precautions for trailer pull arm adjustment?

Writer: Admin Time:2021-07-27 Browse:327℃

Three matters needing attention in Trailer pull arm adjustment.

1. When adjusting the pull arm, because the pull arm is mainly used for tension, in order to ensure the change trend of its fixed pull rod, we should extend it and then shorten it to the standard state. When adjusting the pull arm, pay attention to the change of the left and right clearance to ensure that the pull arm is in the pull state.

2. When adjusting the wheelbase with large deviation, adjust the pull arm once, the change of pull arm is about 4mm, the change of wheel edge distance is about 1cm, and the adjustment ratio is about 1:4. When one side of the movable pull arm is extended or shortened by 4mm, one side of the fixed pull arm will be shortened or extended to 1mm, which is the ratio of 4:1.

3. When adjusting the wheelbase with large deviation, we should always observe the position of the steel plate to avoid the steel plate sticking to one side and affecting the adjustment effect( You can use a sledgehammer to knock the adjustment steel plate) when adjusting the pull arm, we should pay special attention when it becomes more and more immovable, so that the repair rate of the adjusted car is large. https://www.chinaaxle.cn