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What are the purchased parts of semi-trailer? How to choose semi-trailer accessories?

Writer: Admin Time:2021-12-28 Browse:1276℃

With the increasing prosperity of China's maritime transportation, road freight and container transportation markets, the semi-trailer market is also developing, and the market demand for various accessories is also growing.

Semi trailer accessories, as the name suggests, refer to various parts used on semi-trailer, including axle, suspension, leaf spring, outrigger, air chamber, air reservoir, steel ring, tire, relay valve, rope tensioner, spare tire lifter, pull rod, traction pin, lamp, etc., of which traction pin, axle, tire, steel ring, outrigger and suspension are the main purchased parts.

1. Traction pin

The main function of the traction pin is to connect the semi-trailer with the tractor, connect with the traction seat of the main vehicle, and drive the semi-trailer.

At present, the traction pins on the market are mainly divided into four types: assembly 50, assembly 90, welding 50 and welding 90. Users can choose and buy according to different models and actual use conditions.

2. Axle

The axle of the semi-trailer, also known as the axle assembly, is mainly used to bear the load and maintain the normal driving of the semi-trailer on the road. It is connected with the frame through the suspension, and the wheels are installed at both ends, which plays an important role in the power, stability and bearing capacity of the vehicle.

Generally speaking, when it comes to the power core of semi-trailer, car owners easily think of engine and gearbox. But in fact, the axle is also one of the core power assemblies of semi-trailer, which plays a link role in the process of power transmission. If the axle is not selected well, it will directly affect the safe use of the vehicle.

3. Tires

The tire contacts the road surface and bears the weight of the vehicle. Together with the semi-trailer suspension, it plays a role in mitigating the impact, maintaining good adhesion with the road surface, and improving the traction, braking and trafficability of the semi-trailer. If a semi-trailer is not supported by wear-resistant, heat-resistant and durable tires, its safety performance and economic benefits are impossible.

Tires are rubber products, which will naturally age in addition to wear. Car owners usually need to pay attention to the maintenance and inspection of tires, clean up sundries in time, and replace them in time once cracks are found.

4. Steel ring

Also known as the wheel hub, it refers to the drum shaped part with the inner contour of the tire supporting the tire and installed on the axle. It is an important part of the semi-trailer. The driving process of semi-trailer will produce transverse and longitudinal loads, accompanied by driving torque and braking torque. Therefore, the hub needs to bear a considerable part of the load, with small longitudinal and transverse runout, small unbalance and moment of inertia, and high stiffness, strength and accuracy.

In order to meet the market demand, the steel rings launched by many manufacturers have been improved, such as sealing structure design, simplified maintenance process, extended maintenance cycle, etc. car owners can choose according to their needs at the time of purchase.

5. Outrigger

The outrigger is a semi-trailer support device, which uses the principle of "standing wood top kilogram" and is located at the front end of the semi-trailer frame. It is used after the semi-trailer is separated from the tractor. As an important tool in the area where the force is concentrated, its role is very key.

6. Suspension

Suspension is the general name of the force transmission connecting device between the frame and axle of semi-trailer. Its function is to transmit the force and torque between the wheel and the frame, buffer the impact force transmitted from the uneven road to the frame or body, and reduce the vibration caused thereby, so as to ensure that the vehicle can drive smoothly.

Semi trailer suspension can be divided into steel plate suspension, air suspension, rigid suspension and single point suspension. Among them, steel plate suspension has the highest application rate of ordinary semi-trailer in China. With the introduction and implementation of relevant laws and regulations, the utilization rate of air suspension is constantly improving, especially in the field of high-end transportation. The advantages of air suspension are more obvious and are more and more favored by car owners.

The above are the main purchased parts of semi-trailer. So, which semi-trailer parts manufacturer is reliable?

Throughout the current domestic semi-trailer parts market in China, there are high-profit industry giants on one side and workshop products with substandard technology on the other. The polarization trend is more and more obvious. But there are also some brands with reliable quality and reasonable price. Car owners still need to shop around when purchasing. For example, the axle, axle and semi-trailer accessories produced by Liangshan Shenli have been standing on the market for more than ten years. The quality can stand the test, the cost performance is excellent, and they are deeply welcomed by users.