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Maintenance of trailer brake pad

Writer: Admin Time:2021-06-17 Browse:630℃

Remind you that we must pay attention to the maintenance of the brake pads of the trailer. The failure of the brake system will bring great danger, especially in the rainy and snowy weather in winter. Here we introduce how to carry out the maintenance of the brake pads.

1、 Daily maintenance of brake system. Clean and high quality brake fluid is essential for safety and good brake system performance. You should buy brake fluid with better quality on the market. If the brake fluid is dirty, drain and flush the entire system, then fill the master cylinder with new fluid. Do not reuse the brake fluid. Discard all the released brake fluid. After all, it doesn't cost a lot of money to do a maintenance. Life is precious and the safety price is higher.

2、 Brake pad replacement. We usually judge whether the brake warning light on the dashboard is on or not, but this is the bottom line. In some cars, the warning light is on only after the brake shoes have been worn completely. At this time, the metal base of the brake pads and the brake discs are in the state of iron grinding, and bright iron chips can be seen near the rim of the tire. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the brake pads can be used and replace the brake pads close to the bottom line of service life in advance.

The maintenance of trailer brake pad should do the above two aspects well to ensure the normal operation of the brake system. https://www.chinaaxle.cn

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