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Fuel saving skills of vehicle transportation semi-trailer

Writer: Admin Time:2021-09-07 Browse:779℃


The fuel consumption of semi-trailer is a big expense. The fuel consumption is related to many factors. We can take corresponding measures to save fuel consumption. Let's take a look at the methods to save fuel consumption.

1、 Maintain the engine

If the engine fails to work efficiently, it will greatly increase fuel consumption.

2、 Adjust the tires and steering wheel regularly

Tire and steering wheel misalignment is not only unsafe, but also increases fuel consumption, so it should be adjusted regularly.

3、 Selection and use of tires

A good tire can reduce resistance by about 15%, so it can help you save about 3.75% gasoline. Proper tire pressure also has an important impact on reducing fuel consumption. If the pressure is not enough or too large, fuel consumption will be added. Therefore, the tire pressure should be checked regularly. According to the inquiry of the U.S. Department of energy, as long as the tire pressure of each vehicle is 1psi (pound / cubic inch) less than the standard pressure, the United States will consume 15 million liters of gasoline every day.

4、 Select the appropriate oil

The lower the oil viscosity, the more "labor-saving" the engine will be, and the more fuel-efficient it will be.

Paying attention to the above points can reduce the fuel consumption of vehicle transportation semi-trailer and save a lot of costs.