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You should always check the trailer footwall parts

Writer: Admin Time:2021-08-24 Browse:507℃


1. If there is a lot of dirt on the footwall of the trailer in some special sections, it is necessary to wash it with degreasing detergent first to expose the original color of the footwall, and then take antirust care of it.

2. When taking care of the footwall parts of the semi-trailer, it is necessary to maintain a uniform spray coating to form a layer of uniform antirust coating with long-lasting retention. Natural air drying for 5-10 minutes shall be carried out after all works are completed. At this time, the anti rust treatment of footwall parts shall be completed. Almost no water droplets float on the chassis after anti rust care is washed by high-pressure water spray.

3. Be sure not to wash the body and chassis with alkaline detergent and washing powder after professional footwall care, otherwise it will affect the anti rust effect and shorten the anti rust time. https://www.chinaaxle.cn