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How is the trailer suspension constructed?

Writer: Admin Time:2021-06-17 Browse:637℃

Trailer suspension is a device that connects the frame of trailer with axle wheels. Its main function is to transfer various forces and moments between the wheel and the frame, and reduce and eliminate the impact load and vibration transmitted from the road through the axle to the frame, so as to improve the ride comfort of the trailer.

Like the suspension of traction vehicle, trailer suspension also has leaf spring, hydro pneumatic suspension and so on. However, some trailers with larger loading mass have more axles. In order to ensure the good contact between each vehicle and the ground, the balanced suspension is often used; The hydraulic suspension is adopted on the hydraulic full trailer.

Leaf spring balanced suspension

The leaf spring balanced suspension has single axle, double axle and three cycle suspension, and each leaf spring can be composed of different pieces to meet different requirements of maximum loading mass. According to the position of leaf spring relative to axle, it can be divided into upper type and lower type. The lower steel plate balanced suspension can reduce the height of the trailer platform.

2、 Swing arm balance cantilever

The two shafts of the swing arm type balanced cantilever frame only use a pair of leaf springs, and the front axle is installed on the leaf springs. Two tires are installed at both ends of the shaft; One tire is installed on one side of the rear axle (only two axle heads, no through axle). The front end rolling lug of the leaf spring is connected with the lifting lug bracket on the frame through the leaf pin; The rear end of the leaf spring is connected with the front section of the swing arm through a long lifting lug. The middle part of the swing arm is hinged with the swing arm shaft, and its rear end is equipped with a rear shaft. In this way, the wheel on the swing arm can obtain the elastic suspension by using the leaf spring of the front axle through the swing arm, and can swing around the swing arm axis, so that the wheel can obtain the up and down displacement.

4、 Hydraulic balanced independent suspension

Hydraulic balanced independent suspension, suitable for heavy trailer. It is an offset hydraulic balanced independent suspension. The hydraulic cylinder is offset to the front or rear of the axle. The suspension rotating shaft is fixed on the frame, and the whole suspension rotates around the shaft. The lower end of the suspension frame is hinged with the balance arm, and a suspension hydraulic cylinder is installed between them. The axle sleeve of the wheel is hinged on the journal at the right end of the balance arm, and wheels are installed at both ends of the axle sleeve in the transverse direction. The wheel can swing up and down and transversely with the help of the axle sleeve of the suspension frame and the balance arm, so as to adapt to the uneven ground. https://www.chinaaxle.cn