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Knowledge of trailer axle

Writer: Admin Time:2021-07-28 Browse:672℃

As the main form and development direction of modern highway freight, it is particularly necessary to actively and effectively promote the development of trailer axle transportation. We know that the trailer axle is suitable for the transportation of various mechanical equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, large tanks, power station equipment and various steels. Let's learn what is a trailer axle:

The vehicle axle is a bridge structure connected with the frame (or load-bearing body) through the suspension, and the vehicle wheels are installed at both ends. It is generally divided into front axle and rear axle. The function of the axle is to transmit the forces and moments in all directions between the frame (or load-bearing body) and the wheels, which has an important impact on the vehicle's power, stability, bearing capacity and other performance. If it is used as a drive axle, it not only plays the role of bearing, but also plays the role of driving, deceleration and differential.

Trucks generally adopt the arrangement method of front engine and rear wheel drive. Generally, the front axle is the steering axle and the drive axle is the rear axle. The automobile front axle is mainly composed of front beam, steering knuckle, kingpin and wheel hub. Both ends of the axle are twisted with the steering knuckle. The middle of the front beam is a solid beam or a hollow beam.

1. The car body is made of high-quality steel, early HBS technology, strict production and manufacturing, reasonable structure, reliable performance, simple operation and beautiful appearance.

2. The semi-trailer series frame is of beam structure, and the longitudinal beam is of straight ring gooseneck type. The web height is from 400mm to 550mm, the longitudinal beam is welded by self buried welding, the frame is shot blasted, and the transverse beam is inserted into the longitudinal beam for welding.

3. The suspension adopts non independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension, which is composed of a series of steel plate springs and suspension supports. The structure is reasonable and has strong stiffness and strength, which is used to support Coriolis load and reduce impact.

The common forms of trailer bridge are: the series trailer has flat plate type, concave beam type and tire exposed structure, the longitudinal beam adopts flat type or gooseneck type, its frame is stepped type, and the longitudinal beam section is I-shaped, which has the characteristics of high stiffness and high strength. The main plane of the frame pallet is low, which ensures the stability of transportation and is suitable for carrying all kinds of construction machinery, large equipment and steel. The trailer axle adopts a three-axis balanced flexible rigid suspension, and a mass balance weight is installed between the front and rear leaf springs, which can change the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs by the same amount, and balance the force on the rear axle.

The trailer axle is widely used. The whole vehicle adopts advanced computer-aided design software to optimize the design, which is flexible and diverse. The frame bearing surface is designed according to the user's requirements to meet the transportation of various special goods. https://www.chinaaxle.cn