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Auto brake function self check

Writer: Admin Time:2021-07-14 Browse:762℃

In China, the increase in the number of cars is a sign of the progress of the times. More and more people can own a car. Besides being a means of transportation, cars are also life partners. Many friends like to think about their car after work. In the function of the car, safety is the most important one, and the most direct factor of safety is the brake, so the maintenance and inspection of the brake pad is very important.

The thickness of a new brake pad is generally about 1.5cm. With the continuous friction in use, the thickness will gradually become thinner. Professional technicians suggest that when the thickness of the brake pad is only about 1 / 3 of its original thickness (about 0.5cm), the owner should increase the frequency of self inspection and be ready to replace it at any time.

If the sound of "iron rubbing against iron" is accompanied by a light brake, the brake pads must be replaced immediately. Because the limit marks on both sides of the brake pad have directly rubbed the brake disc, it proves that the brake pad has exceeded the limit.

When the brake pads become thinner, our braking effect will be affected. At this time, we need to step on the brake pedal more deeply to achieve the braking effect that can be achieved by lightly stepping on the brake pedal. The braking effect of the first half of the journey is obviously weakened. Many people feel that their brakes become soft and can't stop. At this time, we need to check whether the brake pads need to be replaced.

When the brake pad of the car has this problem, it must be replaced in time, otherwise it will involve the safety problem. https://www.chinaaxle.cn