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2021 the 17th China (Liangshan) special purpose vehicle exhibition meets you in Liangshan

Writer: Admin Time:2021-09-16 Browse:946℃

With the implementation of new regulations such as GB7258 and GB1589

And the continuous improvement of the state's efforts to control overload

China's special purpose vehicle industry

Is ushering in a new round of industry reshuffle


Especially this year

Affected by multiple factors such as the epidemic situation and the rise of raw materials

The revenue pressure of special vehicle enterprises is increasing

Transformation and upgrading is imminent


As an annual event of the special purpose vehicle industry

China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition

Since it was first held in 2005

It has become a new product and process of domestic special purpose vehicles

"Wind vane" of development

From the roadside path of the original industrial park to today's official venues

From open-air display to special exhibition center

From Liangshan local enterprises to eight parties for exhibition

From the initial single Trailer display to the blooming of exhibits

The exhibition witnessed the transformation and development of many enterprises

120000 square meters exhibition area

16 indoor and outdoor exhibition areas

658 exhibitors

468 special purpose vehicles

150000 flows

60 + central, provincial and industrial media attention

10 + various simultaneous activities


As a "booster" and "engine" to promote the development of the industry

Liangshan special auto show has opened a window

China and the world

East West and North South

Liangshan and the window of the field

Let Liangshan see the wonderful world

Let the world see the brilliance of Liangshan

September 17, 2021

The 17th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition

Come again as promised

We sincerely invite you to witness!