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Shenli's second new mill celebration

Writer: Admin Time:2021-04-23 Browse:992℃


Twenty years of cold and heat, the wind and rain, the risk is not difficult; 20 years of focus, improve quality, and pursue unremitting;

Twenty years of hard work, straddle development, courage to explore; 20 years of divine power, a thousand miles, handed down the aroma.

Although he was weak at the beginning and did not move his mind, he did not arrogate his heart afterwards. The wise man does his best, and he can do his best, up and down with the same morality, both inside and outside, and hope that he will not bear the burden, benefit the people, and behave in the world. The 20 years of divine power is the glory of the 20 years; the future of divine power is the blueprint for the constant surpassing of self!

At 8:18 on June 16th, 2016, it is another important moment to witness Liangshan Shenli. Liangshan Shenli always leads the new concept of the industry, adheres to the corporate culture and establishes the advantages of corporate brand culture. A second set of rolling mills should be added to the market supply demand.

The achievements of Shenli today are the result of the trust, understanding and support of Shenli people who have always adhered to the concept of honesty, trustworthiness, persistence and innovation and friends from all walks of life and all walks of life. Recalling the past, the past 20 years; seeing the Ming Dynasty, making better efforts to better. Righteousness is divine, and cooperation is win-win.