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Japanese trucks are not limited to traffic and number

Writer: Admin Time:2021-08-07 Browse:702℃

Recently, due to the convening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, many truck friends not only pay attention to the Olympic Games, but also pay attention to the truck drivers in Japan. Today, we'll tell you what it's like to drive a truck in Japan: no height limit, no line limit, no number limit! The truck can be driven to any corner (except through a particularly narrow alley).


Throughout the streets of Japan, all trucks running on the road are very clean, and some even look like new ones. Different from domestic, the income of truck drivers in Japan is still very considerable. The monthly income of short-distance drivers is basically 30000-50000 yuan, and the salary of long-distance drivers will be relatively higher.

Due to the particularity of the profession, most people think that truck driver is a very hard job. Therefore, in Japan, only a few people are willing to engage in the profession of truck driver. This will lead to the scarcity of drivers, so the wages of Japanese truck drivers will also be very considerable.

Due to different national conditions, the social status of truck drivers in Japan is also relatively high. Therefore, drivers will cherish their trucks and love their careers in the process of driving.

At present, China's relevant departments are also trying to improve the professional identity of truck drivers, improve the working environment of drivers, and further improve the social status of truck drivers. I believe that the days of truck friends will get better and better. https://www.chinaaxle.cn