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What are the reasons for the brake noise of the trailer?

Writer: Admin Time:2021-06-02 Browse:777℃

In the process of using the trailer, many drivers will find that the noise often appears when braking. So, what is the reason for the noise?

1. The water from the shower can't reach the brake pads

When the trailer is running at a high speed, if it needs to take braking measures, if the water from the shower can not pour on the brake pad, there will be a loud noise when braking. If this happens, the direction of the outlet pipe should be adjusted so that the water can be poured on the shower.

2. The water in the shower doesn't flow out, causing the brake to make a noise

In many cases, it may be because the water pipe of the shower is blocked, resulting in the water can not be poured on the brake pad. It's noisy. At this time, we need to pass the irrigation pipe to make the pipe unblocked.

3. The shape of brake pad is irregular due to the deformation of brake pad

This kind of situation is also very common. Sometimes the brake pad may be damaged, and there will be a noise when braking. If the situation is serious, it may lead to brake failure or sudden death of the brake. https://www.chinaaxle.cn