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How to achieve physical and mental health of regular Semi Trailer?

Writer: Admin Time:2021-06-10 Browse:744℃

Drivers often drive semi-trailer. How can they be healthy? Because of their professional relationship, they often drive and sit in one posture for a long time. Over time, they will cause certain degree of damage to their bodies. Semi trailer drivers drive vehicles with a long body and a relatively long road. They should pay more attention to their health. Here are the health tips prepared by Shenli, Driving with your health.

1. Try to eat less irritant food. Truck drivers often have fatigue driving. In order to get rid of drowsiness, they will drink (or eat) some irritant food. In fact, eating this kind of food will only cause excessive fatigue of body function and weaken reaction ability. Long term drinking and drinking coffee are not good for health.

2. Reduce fasting driving. Under the condition of starvation, the blood sugar in the human body will decrease. To a certain extent, dizziness, fatigue and inattention will appear, which will directly affect the driving reaction ability and lay a hidden danger for safe driving.

3. Turn on the air conditioner less. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of vehicle enterprises, the semi-trailer is basically equipped with air conditioner, and the sealing of the vehicle is also greatly improved. Some drivers like to use the air conditioner during the whole driving process, but if the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, there will be dizziness, nausea, even vomiting and other phenomena. At this time, the window should be opened for a few minutes to let the air flow in the car.

4. More exercise, less maintain a posture, often keep a posture driving, easy to lead to cervical spine, spine, lumbar muscle and other position lesions. Should be driving every few hours into the service area to rest, easy to damage the parts of the appropriate exercise.

5. To solve the problem of holding urine, some drivers seldom drink water when driving to reduce the frequency of going to the toilet on the road. Sometimes they prefer to hold urine without looking for a place to solve it. Adequate water intake is necessary for the human body, because water is the main source of fluid in the human body. It has the important function of balancing body temperature and ensuring the normal metabolism. Holding urine can cause many parts of the disease and damage, such as urinary tract, urinary tract and urinary tract Cystitis, etc. if you really can't find a place, you might as well solve it on the spot. Anyway, every man has this kind of thing.

6. Adhere to the physical examination. Qualified semi-trailer drivers should have regular physical examination every year. The disease often starts from a small external cause and becomes uncontrollable if they don't pay attention to it at ordinary times. The annual examination can effectively prevent such things from happening. In particular, the disease on the road must be treated in time. https://www.chinaaxle.cn